About Me

I'm your average geek. In the late 80s I was making music and photography ; Punk-rock bands and vinegar-smelling bathrooms. In the 90s I got into computers ; A cloud of of Amiga-tracked house, techno and metal dispersed by a chemical wind. Then came the internet and I got into code to invent the www along with all my generation :) so I stopped producing music to work developping web things for increasingly big companies, but I kept my guitar handy all the time. And now I'm back, but this time it's just me, from writing to video post-prod.

I'm an astronaut with the Spacio Melodic Agency.


Faux Frogs

ManyRecords 2016


The current quest for the perfect melodic storm.

Counternatures EP

Ocean Waves 2012


My first real solo album.

Les Intouchables - Touché

Ocean Waves 2008


Made in the shades, with my partner Florent.



A fly-by-night RSS reader NodeJS/Express + Jquery/UI

Pétrolette is a simple but powerful web app to view and manage various XML (RSS, aTom, etc) news feeds and present them in a nice, ergonomic fashion. It can basically make coffee for you ; Check it out!


A Faust IDE for Emacs Emacs Lisp

Faustine allows the edition of Faust code.

  • Project-based (inter-linked Faust files)
  • Faust code syntax hightlighting, indentation and keyword completion
  • Build/compile with output window
  • Graphic diagrams generation and vizualisation in the (default) browser
  • Browse generated C++ code inside Emacs
  • Inter-linked files/buffers :
    • - From "component" to Faust file
    • - From "include" to Faust library file
    • From error to file:line number
    • From function name to online documentation
  • Fully configurable (build type/target/architecture/toolkit, keyboard shortcuts, etc.)
  • Automatic keyword completion
  • Modeline indicator of the state of the code


A small video player/ [au|e]ditor Python3 / GSTreamer 1.0 / Gtk+3

A video player that shows you the sound waveform of your movie, and allows you to trim/crop the start and end, as well as change the codec/containers, and modify the framerate. I made this to help me in my work cleaning up the hours of "Why, Phil?" video footage files.


A big music website HTML5 / CSS3 / JS/JQuery (BootStrap3)

A full music label website, complete with custom shop and all.


A small audio player/ [au|e]ditor Python / Gtk+2

A simple sound sample auditor, to review sound files in bulk, quickly, with all the info at hand.


A small RSS NewsReader HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript/JQuery

A simple, but full-featured (XML editing back-office, auto image galleries, etc) and tracker-free RSS/Atom reader ; I use it everyday to read the news.